"Unofficial" ET Mugs Have Arrived!


I'm busy making new ceramics!

Anything can be made to order. Commissions welcome.

I have a collection of planters I still need to add to the site that I am really excited about.

As always,
Contact me: info (at) michelecolomer (dot) com

Love, Michele

The Archive

  • David Bowie Plate
  • White Tabbed Cup with Blue Interior
  • Clay Bud Vase with Painted Pink Exterior and Glazed Interior
  • Bud Vase from The Prehistoric Collection
  • Little Pink Tabbed Cup
  • White and Golden Eyed Cup
  • Green Palm and Black Leaf Mug with Green Handle
  • Blue Eyed Cup
  • Glossy White Mug
  • Mixed Clay Vase with Crawl Glaze
  • Little Planter with Blue Feet
  • Footed Grid Planter